iBT Speaking:

Speaking -- it is the newest member of the TOEFL® family and, for many students, the scariest!  The new TOEFL® test asks you to speak 4 times into your microphone.  Your responses (between 45 and 60 seconds in length) are recorded, saved, and scored by ETS' group of trained raters.  You will be scored from 1 to 4 on each response and your overall score will be converted into a scaled score from 0 to 30 (like the other three sections of the iBT).

You won't know prior to the test exactly what the questions will be, but they will always follow a pattern.  With my help, you can become an expert on all 4 speaking patterns and receive plenty of practice (using one of the iBT books mentioned earlier).  In addition, I will give you constant feedback on both the content and the delivery of your responses.  Also, I will always be available to model a response for any of the speaking tasks.

Here are the 4 speaking tasks (using the names given in the THOMSON series):

1)  Paired Choice Task  (0:15 preparation time/0:45 speaking time)

2)  Announcement/Discussion Task  (0:30 preparation time/0:60 speaking time)

3)  General/Specific Task  (0:30 preparation time/0:60 speaking time)

4)  Summary Task  (0:20 preparation time/0:60 speaking time)