Here are some links for those interested in studying the iBT TOEFL® exam

and/or taking lessons from Corey, the TOEFL® Professor:

Educational Testing Service (E.T.S.)  -- the company that administers the TOEFL and many other standardized tests.


Our Help Group on VK

ScoreNexus  --  We rely on ScoreNexus for authentic, online TOEFL tests.  They offer complete TOEFL tests as well as individual sections.

College Study Abroad -- Study abroad programs in colleges around the world with our acredited programs


World Clock -- Time Zones


TimeLeft-- free stopwatch/timer to use while you practice TOEFL speaking


English Club

Dave's E.S.L. Cafe


Common-Mistakes - Your Free Resources to Better English

Grammar Resource Guide

Learn English online with Polite English - Your Free Resources
to Better English


Learn English online with Talking About